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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Andriod and iOS Apps Favourites.

Hello internet friends!!

Today I've my favourite apps for you and as I use both iOS and Android, I think this would be great ideas to compare and tell you what apps I love in both operations.

Overall I love to take photo on iPhone more than android because I think the quality is better, so I love to use snapchat on my iPhone. This app is very fun because it's like you watching Youtube but in real time. I follow many Youtubers on snapchat and it make me know what they're doing or where they are. This app basically allows you to send picture to your friends but it will stay for 10 second after they opened. If you love snapchat like me, you can add me : thepalis

I also addicted to Instagram and I use it both in my iPhone and Android. I think I don't have to say much about Instagram because almost every people tend to use it now but basically you post picture on it. I love seeing people in Instagram and discover new places. Mine is @thepalis

For Instagram, I love to edit my picture on VSCO cam which I don't tend to use their filter but I love that I can adjust the exposure which you can't do on Instagram editing function.

Spotify and 8Tracks
For music, I prefer Spotify on iphone and 8tracks on android. I love discovering music on Spotify and see what my friends listen to. I don't know that its just my country or Spotify doesn't seem to e available on android, so I use 8Tracks instead and it's okay but you cannot choose the songs to listen to.

Disney Tsum Tsum
The cutest game ever! They are the disney character in the capsule form and what you have to do is connect it. It's very fun and addictive. This game available on both android and iPhone but I prefer on android because my samsung is much bigger that iPhone. Check out the link if you love cute disney character like me here.

Do you have any apps recommendation to any favourite apps? tell me in the comment! :D

See you next time <3

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