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Friday, 31 July 2015

Things I Miss About UK.

It has been one year since I got back from the UK. I went there last summer and live for 2 months. I travel a lot all over the country and I met so many things that I wish I could have it in Thailand now.

Foods in UK is the best!! I do miss fish and chip, English breakfast and many others foods in UK because foods in Thailand is very spicy and salty. I've been to many goods places or foods but my most favourite one is The Breakfast Club, I wish I could go there again.

(Liverpool, 2014)
(Leeds, 2014) 
 (Burger and Lobsters - London, 2014)
(Breakfast Club - London, 2014)

The Weather
Next things I miss is the rainy wind weather. It's bloody hot in Thailand even in the winter, the temperature here is 30 degree Celsius. I like the rainy weather and in UK, it's cold all year even in summer it's still around 20 degree which still chill. And even it's not raining, I still love the blue sky there. 

(Lincoln 2014)

I love Primark so much that I went there more than 3 times a week. I love shopping there for the clothing and for some home stuffs. I can buy so many things there but spending only 30£!! 

I love that in UK, people can go to places by walking because it's not too far and the weather is nice to walk. In my country, it's always super hot and full of pollution that you can't walk.

Dressing Up
I love seeing how people dress in different places that I live and I love to wear things that I can't wear at home as well. In UK, even though it's not winter but sometime the weather get cold there and I get to wear a thick cardigan or a coat that I wouldn't have chance to wear in Thailand.

One year passed by so fast that I don't know where the time gone. I realise after I live in UK which is the first time I'm alone by myself that if something makes you happy, do it or you'll regret it. I learn many things and I do miss home but it's the life experience to live on your own and live in the country that everything is so nice and different.

And don't forgot to be confident and proud of yourself <3

31 July 2015 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Comfy Uni Outfit

Hello Hello! 

It's always happens when you have nothing to wear but you have to go out. This is one of my outfit that I wear to the university. I love comfy long sleeves top and converse. This top is very thin and I don't feel hot at all wearing it. I love this pencil skirt because it added a pop of colour to my outfits. As you go to class, I sometime carry a backpacks because I have to carry my laptop with me and it's so heavy. 

- Top : Forever21
- Skirt : Forever21
- Shoes : High top white Converse
- Bag : Deep red Kanken Classic 

Here is the close up for my jewellery. My watch is from Orient. My black leather bracelet is from Silver Rado, you can customise it here if you're interesting. It's very cute. My gold Bracelet is from Dorothy Perkins. I got my purple stones and the peace sign bracelet from random place that I can't remember. My rings are from Forever21. And I've been loving my rose gold sunglasses from American Outfitters.