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Monday, 20 April 2015

What's in my bag

Recently I have been using my Coccinelle bag which I love, so I decide to do a what's in my bag post. This bag fits so much stuff, but I can't find it in the website anymore because it's from the last season.
Here are all the things I carry:
Coccinelle Wallet  
Kate Spade coin purse
my phones which are the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
iPhone charger because the battery ran out all the time :(
Sunglasses from Primark
My glasses because I need to see (It's from YSL)
My makeup bag which I have done what's in my makeup bag before here
A hand cream  This is the best hand cream ever!
A hand sanitiser from Primark
Hair band sometimes it's so hot in Thailand and you need to keep your hair away from your face
My skytrain card, I used the oyster card holder because I haven't found the card holder that I like yet.
Happy Monday everyone!!

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