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Monday, 27 April 2015

Some Japanese Makeup Review

Hello!! Today I have a review for you all. This is my Japanese makeup review. As I have collected some Japanese Drugstore makeup review, I think they are good enough and they deserve attention. 

The First items are the Majolica Majorca Mascara. Both of them are waterproof (a little bit hard to get off). The black cap is the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On. The brush are like comb which help to create a lot of thickness, but I don't think it makes my lashes longer. The golden cap is Lash King Mascara. It has a fiver and it help lengthen and thicken the lashes. I prefer the Lash King more. 

Here are the candy dolls lipgloss and loose powder. The lipgloss colour is very cute but the smell it not that good. Because I expect the Japanese cute lipgloss with a good smell like majolica one so I don't like it that much. However, the formula is very good, it isn't sticky at all. This is in the colour Macaroon Pink.

The loose powder is also very good. It's translucent and doesn't make my face shiny. 

Next is the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in colour BR601 Amber Black. I don't know why its called black because it's shiny brown. It's a film texture eyeliner which is very waterproof. You can cry with this eyeliner on and it's not smudge at all. 

Here is the eyeshadow in the colour BE286. It's very golden shimmery, even though you can see in the packaging that it's rose-gold, but it appear on your eyes like more golden colour. It's very pigmented but not stay that long on your eye. It's very god for drugstore makeups.

Here is my favourite lipgloss, the Honey Pump Gloss NEO in colour PK247 Flower mist. It smells very gooddddddd!!! It like a strawberry candy and the formula is very good. The colour doesn't appear that much. The only thing I don't like about it is the applicators, I prefer the applicator like the candydoll one. But overall, it's a good lipgloss.

Here are the swatch 

the Honey Pump Gloss NEO in colour PK247 Flower mist.

- Candydolls lipgloss in colour Macaroon Pink.

the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in colour BR601 Amber Black

 the eyeshadow in the colour BE286

Monday, 20 April 2015

What's in my bag

Recently I have been using my Coccinelle bag which I love, so I decide to do a what's in my bag post. This bag fits so much stuff, but I can't find it in the website anymore because it's from the last season.
Here are all the things I carry:
Coccinelle Wallet  
Kate Spade coin purse
my phones which are the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
iPhone charger because the battery ran out all the time :(
Sunglasses from Primark
My glasses because I need to see (It's from YSL)
My makeup bag which I have done what's in my makeup bag before here
A hand cream  This is the best hand cream ever!
A hand sanitiser from Primark
Hair band sometimes it's so hot in Thailand and you need to keep your hair away from your face
My skytrain card, I used the oyster card holder because I haven't found the card holder that I like yet.
Happy Monday everyone!!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lovely Place

Today is just another normal Thursday. I go to uni and find something to eat. 

I went out and try the old fashioned camera style and I'll write the blog post about how it turns out later. 
So far I think this Starbucks is the most beautiful starbuck in Bangkok. It located nears the Chaophaya river. I've been there a couple time and very love that place!!