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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I know that studying and working is usually tedious things. As I always get bored, I have found some tips that help me motivated and concentrated and I would like to shared with you all today. Here are some tips I found helpful. 

1. Find your place : Place is very important. I prefer a lot of natural light and quiet place.

2. When taking note, find the right way for you : When I'm in school, I prefer taking note in the notebook and read the assigned reading in my iPad mini. My favourite application is the Notability. 

3. Stationery always help : Find you cute or colourful pen will help motivate you to use them! 

4. Music is sometime the answer : Sometime I need music to hep me concentrate but sometime not depend on how serious my work is. 

That's all my tips for working and studying. I hope it helpful for you and I'll see you next time!!